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Overview of Medical Materials

A complex hospital system is pushed to the financial edge in today’s healthcare environment. Medical Materials provides a comprehensive set of skills, experience and partnerships to assist you in the following areas- Medical Product Redistribution and Sustainability Initiatives. 

Redistribution of unused inventory and equipment:   Medical Materials is the only company in the US whose primary focus is the sale of "Idle Inventory". We facilitate the sale of unused items from a hospital not using a product to a hospital that can use it.  This prevents the item from expiring and becoming a complete loss.  Reciprocally, hospitals have the opportunity to save 50-70% when purchasing products from Medical Materials that normally are purchased from manufacturers or distributors.
Selling unused inventory: Medical Materials helps your facility identify the most common departments and events that lead to unused inventory. You simply provide us with a list of items to be sold and ship them to our medical-grade warehouse. You do nothing, as we provide all marketing and logistical support for the sale of your items, on a consignment basis, to other healthcare facilities. The sale price for your items is determined by the MSRP and length of time until the item reaches its expiration date. You continue to own the products stored in our warehouse until they are sold, and may have them returned at any time. 

Buying new products: Only new items, inspected and certified to be unopened and unaltered, are sold through Medical Materials.  We do not provide a regular supply of products, but create unique buying opportunities that give you immediate savings. Every product is inspected by trained staff for any signs of opening, damage or tampering and each item is warranted for replacement or refund. Medical Materials' networking process has been approved by all federal and state regulatory agencies.

Your hospital benefits from both selling items you are not going to use before they expire and purchasing products at a lower cost. Medical Materials charges no fees for our inventory networking services, only receiving compensation when an item is sold.  Have any questions? Go to the Frequently Asked Questions page, call us at 877-663-8686 or Contact Us.
See schematic below for a visual representation of 'Idle Inventory" networking.
Sustainability Consulting:  Your hospital has hundreds of ways to financially benefit from self-sustaining and environmentally responsible solutions.  Medical Materials evaluates every department for savings and earning opportunities, based upon extensive research and experience.  Why take years to enact cost-saving measures when strategic guidance can produce results in weeks?  Here is a small sample of our recommendations.
Waste Recycling:  Many used products within the healthcare setting can be recycled. This results in the hospital earning income rather than paying disposal fees. Some examples: X-Ray and Cine Film Silver, EP Catheters, cardboard, plastic, paper, shrink-wrap, metals and more.
Medical Waste Reduction & Removal: Resulting in lower waste removal bills and more environmentally and economically beneficial results.
Recycling of Single-Use Devices: Assisting you to calculate the benefits of options specific to your facility including reprocessing for reuse, selling used products outright, and product component recycling.  
Medical Materials has a long history and close relationships with many of the providers of these services and can share helpful insight as to the cost:benefit ratio of multiple alternatives. We will assist you in objectively evaluating your specific situation and identifying the steps necessary to achieve your goals. Medical Materials charges no fees for sustainability consulting services and only receives income when a prescribed program results in cost savings or compensation for the hospital.   


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