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Is the redistribution of medical supplies legal according to the FDA and other federal and state regulatory agencies? During the formative stages of Medical Materials as a company, significant time was invested speaking with regulatory agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Florida Department of Pharmacy (Device regulating agency in the State of Florida). Their unanimous conclusion was that the practice of redistributing medical supplies in the manner which Medical Materials was proposing was a legal and safe practice. They even thought it was a great idea.  Back to Top   

Are relocated devices warranted?  All items are covered by the OEM’s standard warranty (stated in the product literature available in each box), which excludes an item once it has been mishandled, altered, damaged, reused, reprocessed, or resterilized. All of these relocated items are new, unused, and inspected to assure their new condition, and thus are not excluded. If an item should fail to operate properly, return it to Medical Materials for a refund or replacement.  Back to Top 

Do I have to change our billing when using a device that costs less?  Medical Materials conferred with a “Revenue Integrity Specialist” at a local hospital. These are notes from that conversation:   The specialist stated “Check the HCPCS Code for the procedures, and the Charge Master Numbers.” She added, ”Decreasing the hospital’s cost does not mean reducing our reimbursement. We get paid per charge master coded procedure, and our costs are bundled together for that procedure. We do not need to change our billing for an individual procedure in order to compensate for something we may do to reduce the costs of that procedure, be it utilizing a less expensive piece of equipment or recycling materials from a procedure. These steps help the hospital by reducing the costs of the procedure, increasing the hospital’s revenue. On a large and significant scale, Medicare may look at changing their reimbursement based on nationwide common practices that reduce costs, e.g., they are currently looking at the use of reprocessed catheters and having a reduced fee for procedures that use those catheters.”  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) agrees with the FDA that since a reprocessed device is "substantially equivalent" to a new device, Medicare will pay for devices used in outpatient procedure. For inpatient services, Medicare and most insurance companies use a patient diagnosis payment system; a fixed reimbursement according to the patient diagnosis. Hospitals then utilize "best practices" within that reimbursement- including approved reprocessed medical devices.  In summary, reducing the cost of a procedure by purchasing redistributed EP Catheters at a lower price does not indicate a need to decrease the billing for the procedures where those items are used.  All billing systems are different and we suggest you verify this information with your hospital's billing department.   Back to Top 

How are product recalls handled?  The Selling Facility warrants that all items sold on consignment through Medical Materials have been screened for recalls issued by the Manufacturer or FDA and all future recall notices will be forwarded to Medical Materials. We will then notify the purchaser of those items concerning the recall. In addition, Medical Materials screens all items sold and currently stored in our warehouse. Medical Materials will perform an ongoing screening of recall notifications posted by the FDA, notifying departments in the facilities that have purchased the recalled items. These steps meet all FDA requirements for distributors of medical devices under the Code of Federal Requirements (CFR) for Medical Device tracking, Part 821. Back to Top 

How can Medical Materials help me find products I need at a savings greater than I can get through my regular vendors?  Medical Materials' website offers easy-to-search parameters for the products you are seeking. If you are not able to locate something, you may call us for assistance at 877-663-8686. By providing us with a list of your currently used inventory we can email you with items that match that list from our Inventory Matching program. Back to Top 

How do I know items purchased through Medical Materials are new OEM devices and have been stored and treated correctly?   All items relocated by Medical Materials will have been manufactured or distributed for sale in the United States. No items will be sold that have come from sources abroad, so we remove any chance of aftermarket items being included. In order to ensure the new condition of each of these items before they are shipped from a hospital, each sending facility confirms the source of the original purchase, appropriate storage, unopened and undamaged state of each device. When we receive items at our facility, we carefully inspect each outer box to verify it is the original and intact packaging. As our information clarifies, and inspection process verifies, we will not accept, and will return, any device that is not in the same perfect condition as when it was received from the OEM.  Back to Top 

How does Medical Materials ensure products meet the quality assurance test required by regulatory agencies?  Through a stringent inspection and certification process, we ensure that all products are in the same condition as when they were shipped from the original vendor.  Our inspection process certifies that the exterior packaging is not damaged, the integrity of the seal has not been compromised and the labeling has not been obscured or altered. Back to Top 

How does Medical Materials help manage a hospital's unused "Idle Inventory"?  Utilizing our website, submit your "Idle Inventory," making it available for sale.  After receiving your items, Medical Materials certifies each piece of inventory is new, verifying items are unopened, undamaged and all labels unaltered.  For large numbers of items, submit an excel file of your inventory using the Product Tracking Form from our website.  We match your inventory to the needs of other registered facilities, managing the sale of the item, collection of payment, shipping to the purchaser and paying your facility for each item sold.  Back to Top 

How does liability change with using a relocated device?  The liability for a hospital using relocated supplies purchased from Medical Materials is the same as the liability from using items received directly from an OEM or another distributor. The purchasing facility's staff, as with any new device, is responsible for inspecting each product to verify that it is the correct product, that it is unopened and undamaged, and that an appropriately credentialed medical professional is the person who will use the product.  Any additional hospital procedures dealing with the receipt and utilization of medical products needs to be followed as well.  Back to Top 

How safe are redistributed products?  Redistributed supplies and devices are the exact same products received directly from original equipment manufacturers, therefore, the quality and safety are identical.  Back to Top 

When deciding to purchase equipment or supplies from Medical Materials, how fast is delivery?  Standard 3-5 day shipping is paid for by Medical Materials.  Expedited delivery may be requested if receipt is necessary by a certain date or time.  Expedited delivery is the responsibility of the buyer, including overnight and two-day delivery.  Back to Top 

Is a hospital able to legally sell products they have purchased?  Yes, once a hospital purchases an item it becomes a facility's legal property, with the right to sell it.  One constraint to redistribution may be existing language in the purchasing agreement expressly prohibiting the hospital from reselling certain items to another facility.  Each hospital is responsible for reviewing its own purchasing agreement to ascertain its ability to sell those items for relocation. The practice of redistribution among neighboring hospitals, partnered hospitals, and through the courtesies of the OEM representatives is already common, and has been in practice for decades. We are only expanding that effort.  Back to Top  

What happens if a product that is placed for sale expires?  Should an item reach its expiration date before being sold, at your direction, Medical Materials will return the item(s) to you, destroy it, or retain the item in the event it can be used for research or education.  Products returned to you will be at your shipping expense.  Back to Top 

What if the product doesn’t perform as the manufacturer promised?  Since it was purchased through a third party what type of guarantee do I have to recoup our cost?  If the item should fail to work properly, return it to Medical Materials and we will either replace the item(s) or refund the purchase price. Back to Top 

Does Medical Materials accept expired products? Yes, Medical Materials accepts expired products from hospitals. We work with a number of educational programs and research facilities that are able to use these items to train for improving patient care and increasing medical knowledge. Contact us to evaluate the items that have expired in your facility.  Expired items are not exported to other countries as the exportation of expired devices is not authorized by the FDA.  Back to Top 

What do the OEMs think about Medical Materials' services? During the developmental stages of Medical Materials as a company,we contacted several major manufacturers including: Boston Scientific, CR Bard, Biosense Webster (a Johnson & Johnson Company), St. Jude Medical and others, outlining the redistribution process Medical Materials would be following. Our goal was to determine what type of legal response we would encounter with the new business. In every case we received similar feedback saying that “we can neither condemn nor condone” the business plan we proposed.  That sounded like a green light to us.  Back to Top 

Are all of the products and supplies listed in Medical Materials' inventory new and unused?  Absolutely.  In fact our inspection process ensures that the products Medical Materials sends to you are in the same condition as if you’d purchased them from the original manufacturer.  Back to Top 

What is “Inventory Matching” and how can it benefit me? “Inventory Matching” is a unique process whereby Medical Materials identifies items currently used by your hospital with the inventory items in our warehouse. We then send you a weekly email containing items that match.  Simply check on the order form items you want to purchase and return the email to Medical Materials to place your order. With items matched to your routine purchasing needs, and discounts from 50-70% below mfg list prices, it's the easiest, most cost effective process yet for purchasing medical supplies. Back to Top 

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