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Customer Tools

These proprietary “tools” were created by Medical Materials to provide a variety of benefits to our customers.  These descriptions will help show the depth to which Medical Materials has addressed the complex issues facing hospitals today.

Sustainability & Value Analysis Consulting: There are many hidden sources of cost savings and revenue generation within a hospital’s wide variety of departments and processes. Our “Sustainability Analysis” tool provides a broad evaluation of hundreds of potential areas of financial, employee and environmental benefit.  These results will then formulate a proposal from which the hospital can prioritize and select the most important interventions.  The normal process for a hospital to internally identify and initiate these changes would be months or years. Medical Materials can help reduce this time to weeks. 

Inventory Matching Software: This program allows Medical Materials to create a match between the products a hospital is currently using and the inventory available from Medical Materials. The resulting list is emailed on a weekly basis, resulting in a savings of time and energy. Simply provide us with a file of your facility’s current inventory, which will be stored on our secure network, and arrange to receive an email with the matching items. A purchase order can be sent with the email reply and your items have been bought. These items will be priced 50% to 70% below the manufactures listed price. You may also send a specific list of requested items. This is opportunistic buying at its best.

Recall Scanner Program: Identifying medical products that have been issued recalls by the FDA is of great concern to Medical Materials. This has led to the development of a program designed to scan our warehouse inventory, as well as newly submitted product lists from hospitals.  As a service to our customers, we audit a hospital’s inventory for FDA recalls issued over the past 6 years. This is no small feat, as tens of thousands of items have been recalled during this time period and a large hospital’s inventory will exceed 20,000 line items. Contact Us for more information and to discuss our recall service.  



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